Share an opportunity of 90% annualized income!

Recently, I often feel that there are too many cattle people in the community, and I can learn a lot of new things every day.

The first is the title that everyone is most concerned about. The 90% chance of annualization is here:

@OptionPlusWelcome to GRAB's listing, and AGC's options usher in the best layout period.

This opportunity comes from the merger and listing, and the Southeast Asian version of Alipay + Meituan + Didi Grad will be with$Altimeter Growth Corp.(AGC)$Merge, and the merged entity is expected to start trading on NASDAQ on December 2.

According to OptionPlus's prediction, the probability of SPAC falling below the combined price of 10 yuan after listing is very low, so it can sell the exercise price of $10 put. If calculated according to the put royalty in January, the annualized income can be as high as 90%!$AGC 20220121 10.0 PUT$

But I also have a question, that is, how to calculate the existing options after the merger? The combined market value is estimated to be close to $40 billion, so will the equity be diluted? If it will be diluted, it is suggested that you wait until December 2nd, the day of merger, before selling put, or buy it directly on the day of merger, which should be a good opportunity.

Since the price is not expensive, I will sell put due on December 17th for an experiment today, and I will do this merger and listing transaction tomorrow.

Sell put pools today:

Subject code Annualized income Expiration date Exercise price Royalty Implied volatility
$NIO 20211210 34.0 PUT$ 37.0% 2021/12/10 34 0.4 82%
$TSLA 20211210 900.0 PUT$ 17.0% 2021/12/10 900 5.35 99%
$NVDA 20211210 270.0 PUT$ 8.0% 2021/12/10 270 0.75 69%
$SE 20211210 250.0 PUT$ 18.6% 2021/12/10 250 1.47 64%
< a href= " 2020211210% 20137.0% 20PUT" target= "_ blank" > $AMD 20211210 137.0 PUT $ 15.0% 2021/12/10 137 0.65 64%

If U.S. stocks continue to fall today, then the downward trend will be settled. It is estimated that Nasdaq will run to 15,000. However, at present, futures are soaring, and there is a high probability that they will not fall.

The current trend of US stocks is very confusing. The media wrote Powell hawks for a long time, which led to a sharp drop. As a result, pre-market futures soared. Some media attributed it to the approval of oral medicine. I think the explanation is a bit reluctant. Therefore, we don't need to delve into the specific reasons for the sharp rise and fall, but we should analyze the specific problems according to the trend line and support level.

At this time, it is necessary to properly cope with emotions, rationally look at positions, and recommend them to everyone@谋定后动TeacherOn the Cultivation of Option Sellers in the Practical Strategy of Option with a Monthly Income of 10,000 US Dollars (November)

Selling put pools today only$Sea Ltd(SE)$The exercise price was lowered, because the pre-market rebound was not as strong as that of other companies, and the other four were exactly the same as yesterday, and the reason remained unchanged. Among them, Weilai Ideal Tucki announced the delivery report in November, and the delivery exceeded 10,000 yuan, with gratifying results.

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