Duan Yongping is going to take over when selling Pinduoduo put. What if I don't want to take over?

I feel numb after the holiday, the market sensitivity is worn out, and two important events are ignored:

  • The yield on the 10-year US Treasury note rose to a six-week high at 1.644%
  • Tencent continued to reduce its holdings by 2.6% se after reducing its holdings in JD.COM

It affected yesterday's growth stocks and China Stocks respectively, thus bringing down Nasdaq. Today, before the session, I will make up for it and talk about how sell put, a Chinese stock, stops its loss.

First, talk about the logic of strategy:

Previously in:41% probability, S&P hit a new high this week! The stop loss method is mentioned in this article.@多算胜This friend recommended:When the stock price falls below the exercise price, short the positive stock and change the sell put strategy into covered put. If the due stock price is below the exercise price, then shorting the positive stock will exercise together with put, and the trader will still get the royalty without taking over, thus avoiding the risk of black swan.

Note that when the stock price rebounds and rises, it is necessary to close the stock at the short price of the stock. That is, the covered put is converted to sell put again.

Judging the stock price trend is the key point of this strategy, which is a process of changing the thinking of long and short. Because sell put is a long-term strategy based on taking orders, no matter how low put sells, as long as the trend turns to break through the exercise price and fall, it will be difficult for sell put to make a profit. Covered put is a bearish strategy, which consists of short selling positive stocks and selling put. Contrary to covered call, it is a short strategy used by bears to close positions on dips.

That is to say, when you are ready to sell 100 positive shares and become a bearish strategy, you should make sure that the stock price trend has changed.

Specific to Pinduoduo

So let's look at the current Chinese stocks. To be precise, has the trend of Pinduoduo changed?


Tencent has gradually reduced its holdings and become a big killer hanging over the head of China, which is simply Bill Hwang in 2022. Although there is a plan to reduce holdings, we can't smash the market at will, but the selling is expected to always hover over the secondary market.In addition, from the perspective of Pinduoduo's stock price trend, it has clearly broken its position.

Specific to the operation

If you're selling$PDD 20220121 50.0 PUT $Then sell 100 shares now. If the short cost price is 4820, it will be no profit or loss according to the lowest price of 1.8 on December 7.

If you're selling$PDD 20220121 47.0 PUT $Then hang a stop-loss selling order of 47, without marking, and the stock price will automatically sell when it falls to 47.Note that it is not a limit order or a market order, but a stop order. If you use the limit order to sell 47 yuan Pinduoduo, you will sell it at the current price, because the limit order takes the best price < img src= "https://static.tigerbbs.com/7389f3d91bfa252e80b894ada984390b" tg-width= "834" tg-height= "1471" width= "100% "height=" auto ">

Will Duan Yongping take over?

Judging from the four public operations in Duan Yongping, only Pinduoduo has a high probability of overturning this time. After calculation, there are 700,000 stocks that need to be taken over.

Some people may hope that Duan Boss can make great efforts to work miracles and keep the stock price above 50 yuan before January 21st, but I think it is slightly difficult, which is equivalent to confronting the expectations of the whole market. It is better not to have such luck and make a good stop-loss strategy.

Strategic feasibility

Coincidentally, I just practiced this sell put to cover strategy yesterday.

On Monday, January 3rd, I watched the stock market soar. I had Tesla hedged and NVIDIA sell put in my hand, and wanted to do something more, so I traded a sell put of amd 146. The next day, it fell sharply on Tuesday, so 100 AMD stocks were sold to form a covered put portfolio, and then they slept peacefully. It is expected that the stocks will exercise their rights together with put at the close of Friday, and at the same time, they will receive royalties.

If the amd trend reverses, then I will hang a stop loss of 146 to pay the order, and buy the original price to close the position.

More strategy changes will be shared here at present. If you have any questions, please comment on the area.

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