Will the market continue to plummet?

I thought it would open lower on Monday, but the market was unexpectedly strong, and I felt that my big move to pose was empty. I was a little sorry, so I had to continue to implement my weekly plan.

First of all, sort out the thinking of the market and what happened last week:

Subprime shares plummeted, Powell was re-elected, Thanksgiving holiday, Omicron virus spread, US Treasury bond yields plummeted, crude oil plummeted, and global markets plummeted. . .

These news add up to be very horrible, but Friday's market trend is somewhat interesting.

First of all, there was no plunge at the opening, and all stocks rose at the opening and then fell slowly. As a result, the trading method discussed in my article on Friday is not feasible.

Crude oil is in line with the trend of selling doomsday put in my impression, but I won't bargain-hunt the crude oil market. The scene of falling into negative numbers in 2020 still leaves me with a lingering fear. For such bulk financial products, sell put is very risky.

Back to the market, the S&P 500 continued to fall after the opening, but you will find that the growth stocks that fell sharply on Monday did not move, and all the stocks that fell were weighted stocks, such as NVIDIA Corp, Tesla Motors, Amazon.com and Apple. Although it seems that the decline is scary, from the trend line, it is only the normal correction range.

Then this kind of situation needs to observe the trend of the market next Monday and Tuesday, and from the current pre-market situation. At present, the market feedback is very positive, and the NASDAQ stopped falling at 10,15,300 points in Zhou K MA10, so continue step by step. This shock can be temporarily defined as the normal callback of the market implemented in batches.

Sell put pools today:

< Td > 74%
Subject code Annualized income Expiration date Exercise price Royalty Implied volatility
$NIO 20211203 34.0 PUT $ 29.0% 2021/12/3 34 0.16 101%
$TSLA 20211203 900.0 PUT $ 41.0% 2021/12/3 900 6.1 119%
$NVDA 20211203 270.0 PUT $ 11.8% 2021/12/3 270 0.51 79%
$SE 20211203 250.0 PUT $ 9.0% 2021/12/3 250 0.37 82%
$AMD 20211203 135.0 PUT $ 14.6% 2021/12/3 135 0.31
Monthly power
$TSLA 20211217 800.0 PUT $ 14.7% 2021/12/17 800 8.3 97%
$NVDA 20211217 250.0 PUT $ 7.0% 2021/12/17 250 1.16 66%

In fact, in fact, the$NIO Inc.(NIO)$Due to the general increase before the market, and the favorable financial report of ideal automobile, NIO Inc. rose by 2% before the market, and the actual annualized rate of this list should be about 15%. Individuals don't really want to raise the exercise price at present, so they can consider giving up if the annualization is too low.

$Tesla Motors(TSLA)$Is still the most cost-effective put right. The weekly exercise price is 900, and the monthly exercise price is 800.

$NVIDIA Corp(NVDA)$Due to the pre-market rise, I will choose between 270 and 280 exercise price, but 270 is definitely enough insurance. Christmas is definitely the peak of shopping, including buying games, computers and video cards, so NVIDIA Corp will not perform badly on the news. Choose week k MA10 for monthly rights.

$Sea Ltd(SE)$SE price choice is conservative, after all, it has fallen to the support level, and if it falls below the support level, it will go to 260, so the exercise price is relatively low.

$AMD(AMD)$Like NVIDIA Corp, the exercise price is K MA30. Speaking of AMD's price is the same as Apple's, but Apple's put royalty of 135 this week is only 0.08.

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