11.29 Option changes observation, economic recovery stocks were once again hammered

$American Airlines(AAL)$$AAL 20211217 17.5 PUT $The epidemic has mutated again, many countries have once again begun to restrict foreign entry and exit, and the epidemic recovery stocks of US stocks have suffered heavy losses again. American Airlines's share price hit a new low in recent ten months, with short-term caution as the main factor. Judging from the repeated epidemic situation, even if the new variant virus has not caused a significant impact, people's desire to travel is gradually decreasing.

$Pfizer(PFE)$$PFE 20211203 56.0 CALL $Shares hit a record high again on Friday, and vaccine stocks are still the biggest beneficiaries as the epidemic continues to recur.

$Carnival(CCL)$$CCL 20211203 16.0 PUT $The epidemic situation is repeated, the desire to travel is reduced, and various restrictions reappear. The life of cruise ships is very difficult. Stock prices hit a new low in the past year, with short-term caution as the main factor.

$Coca-Cola(KO)$$KO 20211203 54.5 CALL $Recently, it has also continued to change, but Friday's three-point decline is a big drop for Coca-Cola. At present, it has reached the lower track of the weekly Bolin line to see if this position can be supported.

$General Motors(GM)$$GM 20211203 57.5 PUT $After several days of consolidation, it was brought into the water by the whole market on Friday, and it is still near the 20th line. Follow-up observation on whether this position can form support, if the support column is expected to go up again.

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