Is there still a big market for liquor?

Two days ago, the liquor sector fell sharply because of the news of consumption tax, which caused heated discussion in the market

The plate has rebounded in the past two days

The view on consumption tax was talked by many people in the market yesterday, so MIK will not repeat it

Today, let's talk. As the king of A shares in the past, will there be a big market behind liquor?

Due to the high base last year and the weak consumption data this year,

Therefore, the overall performance of the third quarterly report of the consumer section is not ideal

The stock price of the sector has also performed poorly this year, and there is no beta market in the industry

MIK mentioned in the circle before that when the economy is depressed and the mass consumption desire is not strong, the main thing worthy of our attention in consumption is high-end consumption

Because no matter the economic depression or the influence of consumption tax, people who have the ability to carry out high-end consumption are insensitive to price, and what they consume is a kind of arrangement and feeling

As the king in the consumer section, liquor, especially high-end liquor, is the representative of A-share high-end consumption

Liquor is called yyds because in the past few years, there has been a big wave of liquor market every year

So will there be a big market for liquor this year or another year?

Let's go back to the essence of investment

In the long run, when the stock price rises, it mainly earns two kinds of money: the money for performance growth and the money for valuation improvement

Let's look at performance:

According to market estimates, this year's liquor is one of the few industries in the consumer sector whose performance can maintain double-digit growth

Therefore, in terms of performance, liquor is no problem

Let's look at the valuation again:

In the past, the big market of liquor was based on Davis double-click of performance growth and valuation improvement

For example, the valuation of liquor in 19 years was generally 25 times pe, and it rose to 40 times pe at the end of 19 years. In 2021, it rose to a crazy state corresponding to 50 times pe in the following year

So where is the current valuation of liquor?

It can be seen that the current valuation of liquor is generally above 35pe in 22 years and above 30pe in 23 years

Current valuations are neither cheap nor high

MIK believes that if you want to obtain excess returns in liquor, you should not only try to buy it cheaply, but also find out individual stocks with their own α market

The current industry environment and overall valuation do not have the basis for the whole sector to rise together as last year

As for whether the current liquor stocks have the cost performance to buy and which ones have more investment value, it is a matter of opinion. I believe everyone has their own judgment [Smart]

PS: The above are personal opinions, which are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions. Please make your own decisions on investment

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