[Award-winning interaction] "Happy" together in the Year of the Tiger, and "courteous" for monsters to charge the New Year!

In April 2021, "Kaihuan", a new liquor brand created by "Shared Charging First" Monster Charging, brought its products to the bell ringing scene of Monster Charging, Cai Guangyuan, founder and CEO of Monster Charging, announced to the public that "Kaihuan Liquor is the first attempt to take the second growth curve of the company", hoping that by insisting on the beautiful quality of traditional liquor and re-excavating the essence of traditional culture, the classic liquor culture can ride the "national tide" and set foot on the "wave of youth".

Kaihuan Alcohol selects five kinds of grains as raw materials, adopts solid-state fermentation method, YEATION Luzhou Centennial Pit, drops of pure grain are brewed by hand, the bottle is full of wine fragrance, and the entrance is soft and sweet. In terms of packaging creativity, Kaihuan invited artists, adopted the Chinese quintessence "Lion Dance" as the core creativity, and combined with the auspicious elements in Chinese traditional culture, to jointly convey the happy artistic conception of warmth, blooming and all things blooming, and the brand proposition of "bottle wine blooming". At the 2021 International Liquor (China) Grand Prix, which attracted much attention from the industry, Kaihuan Liquor successfully won the gold medals in two projects: "ISGC Spirits" and "Wine Body and Packaging Design".

Lion dance and tiger roar welcome happiness, and everything is new when you wake up in spring. The Spring Festival is approaching, and the Tiger Enterprise unites@怪兽充电Give a big reward broadcast, and write all the blessings to everyone in the wine: "Start the happy gathering moment, let the toast be more enjoyable". I wish Tiger Friends a rainbow increase in investment income in 2022, and everything will be happy!

Participate in the activity message, that is, you will have the opportunity to win a box of Kaihuan wine worth 1548 yuan for free (500ml*6)!

Speak before drinking

During the event, pay attention@怪兽充电Enterprise, add monster charging (Nasdaq: EM) to your choice, and choose the content below in this activity post to leave a message for discussion. The top 20 users who leave valid messages and the order of publishing valid messages are 6 & amp; Users of 8% (such as 26, 28, 36, 38...) can exchange 0.9 yuan for 2 bottles of Kaihuan wine worth 506 yuan (42-degree Luzhou-flavor liquor pure grain wine 500ml*1 & amp; 52-degree Luzhou-flavor liquor pure grain wine 500ml*1). The total number of prizes is 500, on a first-come-first-served basis.

At the same time, Panghu will select 10 wonderful message creators from all the posts to give away a box of Kaihuan wine worth 1548 yuan free of charge (500ml*6 pure grain wine of 52-degree Luzhou-flavor liquor).

Content direction:

  • Views on Monster's Cross-border Launch of "Kaihuan Wine"
  • Tell the story of "your first bite of white wine"
  • Talk about your charging with monsters

Award criteria:

  • Valid message: The message exceeds 20 words and is not a water sticker
  • Wonderful message: Content depth 50 points + content popularity 30 points + content form richness 20 points

Activity description

  • Activity time: January 13, 2022-January 2022 (Beijing time)
  • The official will announce the award-winning information and send the award-winning guidelines to the award-winning users before 23:59 on January 21, and the award-winning users must receive the prizes according to the guidelines before 23:59 on February 11. Those who fail to win prizes within the time limit will be deemed as winning users giving up the opportunity to receive prizes automatically. Among them,Users who win prizes before 23:59 on January 24 will have the opportunity to receive prizes before the Spring Festival.
  • Each winning tiger friend can only get one prize, and the distribution rules shall be subject to the highest product value, and the number of winners for other participating activities shall be postponed in turn.If the products are out of stock, they will be replaced with other equivalent products.
  • As this activity is a welfare reward, once the gifts are sent, they will not be returned.
  • Please make sure that all participating users bind and verify their mailboxes in the account management of Tiger APP (My-Settings-Account Management-Mailbox-Verify Mailbox), otherwise they will not be able to arrange prize delivery.

Mailbox binding and verification interface

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