The wind changed …

1. Overall situation

The market continues to fluctuate today, and the closing conditions of major indexes are as follows.

The whole market rises more and falls less, and the profit-making effect is better. Among them, there are 121 daily limit and 4 daily limit, with a large number of daily limit, good market sentiment and positive long-term sentiment.The turnover of the two cities continued to exceed one trillion yuan.

2. Analysis of ups and downs

Today, the prices of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 constituent stocks have reached a new high of 0 in the past year, with a new low of 4 and a new low of-4; The price of CSI 500 constituent stocks has reached a new high of 4 in the past year, a new low of 1, and a new low difference of 3; The GEM has reached 2 new highs, 1 new low and 1 new low difference in one year.There is still a small deviation between the CSI 500 Index and the new high and low trend.

Index and new high and new low line

Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 constituent stocks rose by 195 and fell by 99; CSI 500 constituent stocks rose by 340 and fell by 151; GEM rose by 47 and fell by 53.The index is basically consistent with the rising and falling line.

Index and ebb and flow line

3. Liquidity analysis

Shibor 1M increased by 0.1 bp compared with the previous day, and the 5-day moving average of Shibor 1M continued to rise.According to our timing quantitative model, liquidity tends to tighten, and positions need to be controlled.

Shibor 1M and CSI 300 Trends in 2021

5-day moving average of Shibor 1M in 2021

4. Funds going north

Today, the net inflow to the north is 3 billion +, and the attitude has remained basically unchanged, but it is still very positive.

Northbound funds

5. Industry heat analysis

Although today's market is average from the index, today's market is quite good from individual stocks and industries. Traditional popular new energy sources are not very good at taking medicine and drinking, the banking and insurance areas are so-so, and the national defense and military industries have also cooled down. Mining, light industry manufacturing and public utilities, which have risen a lot, are relatively unpopular industries, and there is no long-term good story to tell, and it is estimated that the rise will be difficult to sustain.

In terms of industry popularity, the top three are computer, electrical equipment and light industrial manufacturing in turn. Electrical equipment has been hot for almost a year, and computers have been hot for several days. There is nothing special worth saying. Many people in light industry may not know what it is yet. Let's introduce it a little. In fact, the most intuitive way to understand a primary industry is to see which secondary industries exist under this primary industry,The secondary industries under light industry manufacturing include paper making, packaging and printing, household light industry and so on. See here, if you want to invest in this industry, it should not be difficult to find the target. If it still fails, you can look at the more detailed tertiary industry, and it will not be launched here.

Industry rise and fall

Heat of industry sector

6. Today's conclusion

MacroscopicallyFederal Reserve Chairman Powell said that he could consider ending the debt reduction program several months ahead of schedule, and would discuss speeding up the debt reduction at future meetings. At the same time, he said it was time to stop using "temporary" to describe inflation. Powell's statement means that the Fed has abandoned its original statement that inflation rise is temporary.

The news led to a sharp drop in the periphery, but A shares were not greatly affected today.

Part of the support of A shares may come from the latest PMI data. According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in November, China's manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) was 50.1%, up 0.9 percentage points from last month, which was above the critical point, and the manufacturing industry returned to the expansion range. The index of non-manufacturing business activities was 52.3%, slightly down 0.1 percentage points from last month. On the whole, the PMI of manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries in November was in the expansion range, reflecting the overall recovery of domestic economic prosperity.

MesoscopicAmong the major indexes, CSI 500 and CSI 1000 are still relatively strong. CSI 1000 hit a new high in recent years yesterday. The GEM index has a little rest and still closely catches up with the Shanghai Composite Index. Short-term selection of individual stocks can be selected from these indexes.

MicroscopicallyToday, lithium battery, wind and light storage and military industry in the track plate all experienced relatively large declines. I thought that the decline in the price of silicon materials would have some benefits for the downstream. Or the early expectations are too full, and the price has already included this part of optimistic factors. However, it doesn't matter, the fundamentals have not changed, and it is still a good track. Today, Jianjun's photovoltaic stocks also retreated sharply. In the short term, it is still a good track in the long term.

In terms of subject matter, the ebb tide in digital currency, the meta-universe and e-cigarettes have shown some performance, and the increase of hydrogen energy is not small. Some subjects of 7788 have emerged. On the whole, there are still width, no intensity and insufficient sustainability. It is ok to make a short line, but not the middle line.

On the whole, it is still a volatile market, not chasing high, but daring to sell when it rises and buy when it falls.

7. Operation today

Due to the reversal of liquidity index, the GEM 50ETF bought according to this index was sold, earning more than 2%. Yesterday, it was not a fool to say that we wanted to bargain-hunt Longji. Because of the busy work of social animals, we set a purchase order of 83 at the opening. At the close, we found that there was no transaction by two cents, and we will continue to try to buy tomorrow.


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