🔥 [November 29] Look at the key events this week and talk about today's trading plan

Talk about today's trading ideas, including the follow-up views on the market trend? Which stock is bullish/bearish, sun-drying list and so on.

Hong Kong stock market

On November 29th, when the new strain hit, the three major indexes of Hong Kong stocks collectively opened lower, with the Hang Seng Index falling 0.71% to 23,910 points, the National Index falling 0.2% to 8,558 points and the Hang Seng Technology Index falling 0.87% to 6,098 points.

On the disk, Hao gambling stocks, aviation stocks, oil stocks and catering stocks affected by the epidemic collectively fell.$WYNN MACAU(01128)$Falling more than 10%,$BUD APAC(01876)$,$(00753)$Have a decline; Mobile phone concept stocks, photovoltaic stocks, insurance stocks, auto stocks, power stocks and coal stocks all fell; Big tech stocks have gone up and down,$MEITUAN-W(03690)$Plummeted nearly 9%,$TENCENT(00700)$Down 0.3%,$Alibaba(09988)$Up 3%. On the other hand, anti-epidemic concept stocks opened higher against the trend, Kangxinuo Bio rose by over 9%, Pioneer Pharmaceutical and Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) both rose, and tobacco concept stocks and shipping stocks strengthened.

Multiple negative effects superimposed, Wynn Macau fell more than 10%. Meituan opened nearly 9% lower. Previous financial reports showed that the quarterly loss was the largest since 2018. The emergence of new strains and the arrest of Zhou Chaohua, etc., caused the Hong Kong stock Hao gambling stocks to fall sharply at the opening. Wynn Macau fell more than 10%, Galaxy Entertainment, Sands China and SJM Holdings fell more than 7%, Melco International Development and MGM Resorts International China fell more than 6%. The latest confirmed or suspected cases of "Omicron strain" have been found in many countries in Africa and Europe, and two cases have been confirmed in Hong Kong. Experts say that the power of Omicron virus is probably more terrible than the existing Delta virus. In addition, Zhou Zhuohua, the actual controller of Sun City of Macau Casino Group and known as "Ximihua", has recently been arrested by Wenzhou Procuratorate for allegedly committing the crime of opening casinos in China.

Foreign media headlines

The headlines that the global financial media paid attention to last night and this morning mainly included:

  1. The new strain of "Omicron" strikes Wall Street. It is expected that panic will become market-oriented again
  2. Fauci: The United States should be prepared to take all measures to combat the new strain of "Omicron."
  3. Musk urged Tesla Motors employees to reduce delivery costs and not to cluster shipments at the end of the year
  4. Daimler trucks lose billions of dollars due to chip shortage, and sales will be five digits less
  5. Allianz chief economist: "Release the accelerator immediately." The Fed should admit that inflation is not temporary
  6. Goldman Sachs expects the change of epidemic situation to aggravate the shortage or extension of short-term hedging risk asset supply chain

Market outlook this week

Monday (November 29th) Keywords:$Li Auto(LI)$,$LK TECH(00558)$,$L'Occitane International SA(00973)$Financial report

In terms of financial report, Ideal Car-W will announce its financial report, which is the last company among the three new forces of China's new energy car-making that has not yet announced its financial report; In addition, Tesla Motors concept stocks L K Technology and L 'Occitane will also announce financial reports; In terms of US stocks, LIZHI Inc will also announce its financial report after hours.

Tuesday (November 30) Keywords: China's November comprehensive PMI, China's November official manufacturing PMI, China Want Want, Baozun Financial Report

In terms of financial report, China Want Want,$BAOZUN-SW(09991)$Financial report data will be published; In terms of US stocks, Chinese stocks Tiger Brokers, Genetron Health, Boqii Holding Limited, Monster Charging and JinkoSolar will all announce their financial reports before the market, while Safran will announce their financial reports after the market.

Wednesday (December 1) Key words: China's Caixin manufacturing PMI in November, ADP employment in November in the United States, ISM manufacturing PMI in November in the United States

In terms of financial report, Huize will announce financial report data and cloud computing companies before the market$Snowflake(SNOW)$The financial report data will be released after hours.

In terms of new shares, Cloud Music will announce the winning results after Wednesday's close. In U.S. stocks, biotechnology company Nuvectis Pharma, Inc. is tentatively scheduled to list on Wednesday.

Thursday (December 2) Keywords: The number of jobless claims in the United States at the beginning of the week ending November 27

In terms of financial reports, China Stocks$EHang Holdings Ltd(EH)$The financial report data will be released before the market, while the US stock Tilly's will release the financial report data after the market.

In terms of new shares, Cloud Music will officially land on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Thursday.

Friday (December 3) Keywords: US non-farm payrolls report, US ISM non-manufacturing PMI for November

In terms of financial reports, e-cigarette giants$RLX Technology(RLX)$The financial report data will be released before the market, and the Bank of Montreal will also announce its financial report on Friday.

You are welcome to comment and forward today's trading ideas, including your views on the follow-up of the market trend? Which stock is bullish/bearish, sun-drying list and so on. In fact, in fact, the

In fact, in fact, the

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