2022/1/3 [From 9,000 to 90 million] Analysis of US stocks today

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Hello everyone, this is Jiu Qianjun. Today is January 3rd, the first trading day. The Standard & Poor's 500 index closed up +0.64% on Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up +0.68% and the Nasdaq 100 closed up +1.11%.

The earnings of options traded by VIP today are recorded as follows:

The stock part opened MTSI, with a target price of 90 and 76 stops.

Individual stocks,$Apple(AAPL)$AAPL closed at 182, and the opening price rose from 177 to 182. If the opening price can be held at 182 tomorrow morning, we can try to break through the position of 190 and reach a new high this week. If we can't hold at 180, I suggest to wait and see and wait for the long trend to establish.

AMZN$Amazon.com(AMZN)$The closing price is 3408. On the whole, AMZN has been fluctuating in the range of 3343-3434, but it has recently broken through the position of 3400. If you hold it, you can try to break through 3434 and 3463. At present, you can try to do some day trade call at a low level in the day. In contrast, it is not recommended to do overnight trading within the week. The overall mood tends to be neutral.

In fact, in fact, the

FB closed at 338 today. Personally, I will wait for a few days until the position of 353 confirms the support before doing more. The target price is 366-370. If it is below 353, I think there will be some range shocks between 338-353. There is not much profit margin for trading within the week.

GOOGL closed at 2899 today, I bought 3000c, and stayed overnight today. I will stop loss near 2897. I need to support 2900 and then return to the position near 2950-2970, so that I can hope to break through 3000 next week. If I can break through 2959 tomorrow, I will stop earning part of my 3000c.

NVDA closed at 301.21 today, and I bought 340c next week. It rose to 307 in intraday trading and then fell back. Fortunately, it did not fall below 300. I hope to return to above 310 tomorrow, and will hit 317-323 before Friday. It is safer to break through 310 and do more. If it falls below 295, it will basically be empty in the coming week.

TSLA$Tesla Motors(TSLA)$Closing 1199, as I said yesterday, very good Q4 trading data brought about a big rise! All the tsla positions we hold stopped making profits and won the battle! If it breaks through 1,200 tomorrow, it may reach an all-time high of 1,243, and then the target price is expected to reach 1,300 in January, falling below 1,150 bearish.

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