China is emerging a wave of second-hand consumption, and the market size valuation has reached 158 billion euros

French News Radio reported on January 8 that the original title: In the consumer field, China is riding the "second-hand east wind" to break the waves

"Sell rather than throw it away." In addition to the bags, shoes and clothes in the wardrobe, furniture, electronics and bicycles can also be resold. More and more Chinese people are reselling or buying back second-hand goods, usually through mobile phone apps with one click.

Miss Chen, a white-collar worker in Shanghai, sent an old mobile phone to a second-hand electronic product recycling shop that loves recycling. Recycling shop staff said that people piled up unused computers and mobile phones at home, which not only wasted but also polluted the environment. Their business is recycling, repairing and reselling. Miss Chen said that Chinese people's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, so the concept of second-hand market is deeply rooted in people's hearts. "My old mobile phone can sell for 3600 yuan, which is a good price," Miss Chen smiled with satisfaction. Similar second-hand goods recycling shops have blossomed everywhere in Shanghai (for example, everything is new * love recycling), and they have reborn the second-hand goods that were originally "sentenced to death" in the trash can.

Chinese consumers discard 15 million tons of electronic products and 26 million tons of clothing every year. New consumption habits are taking shape. A "recycling shop" specializing in second-hand clothes in Shanghai is crowded with customers, and the price is usually 30% cheaper than new clothes.

Second-hand goods are friendly to the environment and wallets. A second-hand store in Nanjing has more than 50 chain stores in China. The brand focuses on second-hand luxury goods, such as various famous bags.

Customers can buy in physical stores or through live webcasts. Miss Gao, who sells goods live, is showing a French brand leather bag: "Look, open the bag, there are no scratches or dirty places inside, just like new". This live broadcast platform has more than 1 million registered users. Miss Gao said with a bag that the original price was 16,500 yuan, but now it only needs 6,500 yuan. She said that second-hand luxury goods in France are especially favored by customers, and 40 bags can be sold in 6 hours of live broadcast. At present, China's second-hand commodity market is valued at 158 billion euros.

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