Quantitative variant beneficiary stocks of US stocks: MRNA BNTX NVAX

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11-24 at 18:45 post before Thanksgiving, most of the plummeting plates were divided. How did the US stock plate and the pre-market perform today and Monday?

First of all, take a look at the plate performance chart of 1 day and 1 week after the close of last trading day, and basically all of them closed down! The sectors with smaller declines were Health care, Utilities and Consumer Defensive

Let's take a look at the pre-market price increase and decrease data of US stocks (some stocks with the largest turnover and ETFs sorted by turnover) obtained by stylized API: the ones with the largest increase are$Moderna, Inc.(MRNA)$+10.2%$BioNTech SE(BNTX)$+5.18%$Novavax(NVAX)$+4.55%

If you like to do short-term varieties such as option futures, Hang Seng Index, bull and bear certificates (you can do long and short or long and short), new friends can read previous articles, and old friends can exchange stylized automatic trading or model stock selection! !

(End): All the above data and reports are obtained and tabulated by automatic programs, so as to achieve the functions of model stock selection and automatic trading. Shareholders who are interested in program trading (of various products) can communicate ~ Welcome to pay attention and share ~ Watch the last video!

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