I would like to increase my position within INTC

I would like to increase my position within INTC, should I or not I'd like everyone to weigh in on this and remain as objective as possible. I see a couple of reasons as why I should increase 1)They'll be entering the GPU space meaning they'll have more sources of revenue 2) Valuation compared to peers (INTC sits on a 10 PE at the time of writing) whilst NVDA sits at 90 and AMD at around 43. Heck even TSMC sits at a 30+ PE 3) Good turnaround play for 2022 and beyond considering the addition of P and E cores to their CPUs, architectural improvements and moving away from 14nm to 10nm and in the coming years 3nm. 4) Mobileye (yeah I don't really think I need to elaborate anymore lol).

Now I have reasons also not to add 1)Intel has lagged behind compared to competitors mainly AMD in the past 2 years 2)We don't know how good Intel's graphics cards will be in relation to AMDs and Nvidia asides from a few leaks (because of the gpu shortage though it shouldn't matter in the short term cause GPUs are immediately sold out lol) So I am talking more about long term implications here 3)They've lost ground in the HEDT and server space because more and more companies and individuals have shifted to buying AMD for HEDT purposes and AMD and Nvidia for servers.

I believe that I have weighed the pros and cons fairly well here, If I have missed anything please do tell me if I did I would appreciate it. (Please don't bash any of the companies I have made a mention of above as I believe you'd miss the point of my question entirely.) Thank you in advance for your input.$Intel(INTC)$ $NVIDIA Corp(NVDA)$ $AMD(AMD)$




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