Futures trading competition: We finally have winner from Singapore!


We finally have a winner from Singapore in our Futures trading competition!

30th September 2021 marks the end of our Live Trading Competition for Futures. We would like to thank everyone for making this a successful run. Tiger Brokers proudly interviewed one of the winners from Singapore.

Background information of the competition: In 2014, Futures Daily of China (期货日报) successfully held the 1st Global Derivatives Trading Competition. This year, Futures Daily of China once again launched the Global Derivatives Trading Competition with Tiger Brokers and other world leading exchanges and designated brokers.

This competition is supported by CME, HKEX, TOCOM, SGX, and also brokers from the U.S, U.K., Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2018, the Global Derivatives Trading Competition established strategic partnership with the World Cup Trading Championship.

Tiger brokers is proud to be one of the designated brokers of this competition

Tiger Brokers is proud to be one of the designated brokers to bring this competition for our clients.

A client who participates in the 8th Global Derivatives Trading Competition via Tiger’s Live Trading Competition stands a chance to win prizes from both Tiger and Futures Daily.We have invited the sole winner of Singapore, @SSK for a short interview to find out from him his journey and thoughts on this competition.

Tiger Interview 

Q: During the competition, what market or contract do you trade? Why?

A: I normally trade US Indices futures contracts, as I follow the market sentiments closely. 

Q: What is your preferred trading hour?

A: During US markets open or when I have the time to follow and monitor my positions as I still have a full-time job as a doctor. 

Q: Do you trade stock too? In your opinion, what is the main different between stock and futures trading?

A: Yes, I trade stocks too. The main different will be risk return trade off.

Q: During the competition, which Tiger platform do you use or is there any features that you love to see in the future?

A: I generally like to trade with my iPad or mobile phone as my position can be monitored throughout the day. In addition, Tiger Brokers offered commission free future trading as an incentive. 

One of the features I would like to see in the Tiger Trade APP is a Stop-Loss function, and the stop loss can be set with a dollar amount.



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    Congratulations @SSK on being the Winner of Tiger Futures Trading Competition!  You did it despite intense competition from other Tiger Friends!  Thank you Tiger Brokers for your generosity in prizes
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