Analysis of Double Buying Strategy under Weak Chicken Market after New Year's Day

The New Year's Day market in 2022 feels like negative to negative, and the logic is wrong, but this is the result. Some people say that this market is really separated from the original spectrum, and almost every shareholder's account grows grass.

1. Big A stocks and options

Today, 50ETF and 300ETF continue to float green, and both return to the lower track of Bolin Line. The options market is not lively, but the rhythm is relatively uniform.

(1) 50ETF options:The option contract has only 3,300 subscriptions in January to increase the position by 1.4 W; There hasn't been much change in putting.

(2) 300ETF options:Only the subscription of the option contract changed in January, and the total subscription of 4900-5250 increased by 6.4 W, of which 5000 purchased the most, increasing by 3.1 W; There is not much change in selling.

To sum up, the options of 50ETF and 300ETF are subscribed and increased in January, and the put has not changed much, and the rhythm is uniform. The whole market is more cautious, and it is unlikely that there will be an expected explosion.

2. Hong Kong stocks and Hong Kong stock options

Hong Kong stocks are not what I said about you. Forget about the New Year's Day market in 2022, and forget about continuing to float green for several days. Today, there is a large-scale Waterloo... Some people say that you are a fighter in garbage, and I want to defend you without saying anything. Halving and knee cutting are probably not the bottom line. Perhaps only ankle cutting can stop the continued decline of Hong Kong stocks.

Not only are Hong Kong stocks bleak, but the options market is also deserted. As a result of today's resumption of trading, Ali and Tencent still have room to continue to fall, and Meituan and Byd Company Limited have a high probability of falling in the short term.

In fact, any market has the opportunity to make money. For example, the rich woman opened a buying span in Hong Kong stocks before New Year's Day. I have recovered all the costs cautiously today, and the remaining positions are all pure! Leigh! Run! Although the position is not large, it should defeat 95% of investors in the market.

As long as the recent market volatility of Hong Kong stocks is large enough, it is a very good strategy to buy cross, regardless of whether it rises or falls. Using a small amount of cash (1-2% of the principal) can not only double the opportunity, but also have a higher winning rate, which not only keeps the advantage of buying a cross, but also avoids the disadvantage of buying a cross. The key to profit is how to choose the exercise price and the profit-stopping point. The rich woman's principle is to buy the subscription and put at both ends, but if one side rises 2-3 times, the cost will be flat, and the rest will be net profit, whatever you want. It is not difficult to use only 1-2% of the principal to complete the monthly return of 1-2% or even 3-5%. Most importantly, even if you do something wrong, most of your principal cash is still there.

As the saying goes, blow NB with the wind and reason with the wind. It doesn't matter what makes sense, whether money or not. What matters is that the rich woman just wants to show off her skills and encourage everyone. Have you ever felt that the rich woman is good, the rich woman is fragrant, and the encouragement of the rich woman is a ray of light in your life? O 'Ollie, give it!

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