ETPs capital flow in southern East Britain

Hong Kong stocks totaled 586 in two days, with one weighing 20 days and the Hang Seng Index rising for three weeks. The "black period" recently rose nearly 23,490, and large domestic stocks continued to be noted.

  • South East Britain Hang Seng Index Daily Reverse (-1x) Products 7300. hk$FI CSOP HSI(07300)$
  • The inflow of funds was HK $20 million
  • Southern Dongyingsheng technology refers to several daily leverage (2x) products 7226. hk$XL2CSOPHSTECH(07226)$
  • The inflow of funds was HK $20 million

$CSOP HS TECH(03033)$

Source of resources: South East Britain, as of January 7, 2022

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