IDC: Lenovo Group won the first place in PC, and PC will reach a ten-year high in 2022!

On January 12th, IDC, a well-known market research institution, released the PC market research report for Q4 and the whole year in 2021. According to the report, the global PC (desktop, notebook and workstation) shipments reached 92.65 million units in the fourth quarter, an increase of 1.0% year-on-year. In 2021, the total PC shipments reached 348.8 million units, an increase of 14.8% year-on-year, setting the highest level since 2012.

Among them, Lenovo Group contributed 21.7 million units of shipments in the fourth quarter, leading global manufacturers with 23.4% of the market share, and once again won the global PC championship in 2021 with 81.93 million units of shipments and 23.5% of the market share.The leading position is remarkable and the champion advantage is stable.

In addition, Canalys also released a report simultaneously. In 2021, the global PC shipments were about 341 million units, an increase of nearly 15% year-on-year. Lenovo maintained the first place with 82.14 million units shipments and a market share of 24.1%, which also confirmedLenovo's Absolute Dominance in the Global PC Market in the New Era of Digital and Intelligent Transformation.

Jitesh Ubrani, research manager of IDC's mobile and consumer devices, said that 2021 is indeed a strong return of PC. Q4 Consumer demand for PCs in emerging markets and global business demand remain strong, although supply remains an important factor. Although the demand for consumption and education in some developed markets has declined slightly, IDC believes that the whole PC market has restarted at a much higher level than before the epidemic.

Entering the post-epidemic era, supply chain management is more important to the production and operation of enterprises. Lenovo has 30 + manufacturing bases in the world. With its unique hybrid manufacturing capability (combination of its own factory and OEM), Lenovo's global supply chain has always been the industry leader. Strong and flexible supply chain management ability has also become a magic weapon for Lenovo Group to ensure the stable shipment of PC and other equipment and cope with the current supply chain crisis.

IDC and Canalys are optimistic about the future, believing that 2021 will be a year of strong new demand and extreme challenges to the supply chain, while the PC market will maintain a strong momentum in 2022 driven by digital transformation.Ishan Dutt, senior analyst at Canalys, is very optimistic about the development trend of mixed office in the future. "As PC manufacturers face more and more complex situations, consumer consumption patterns are changing. We will see that the industry will pay more attention to high-end PCs, monitors, accessories and other technical products, work everywhere, and maintain'super 'productivity."

With the digital transformation becoming the focus of everyone's attention, mixed office has changed from "new normal" to "normal", and personal computers shoulder more functions including work, entertainment, education, self-improvement and so on. The trend of one person has been showing for a long time. Lenovo Group recently released ThinkBook Plus's third-generation dual-screen computer at CES 2022, advocating "one machine with multiple functions", providing users with a device that can give attention to both work and entertainment, and at the same time exert greater productivity. The second screen can expand the contents of the main screen, such as making excel forms, writing codes, and realizing digital drawing boards, mobile phone screen projection and other functions.

In addition to professional productivity tools, Lenovo Group can also provide support services and software, operation and maintenance services and end-to-end solutions for consumers and enterprise IT users. TruScale, a brand-new service brand launched in 2021, has a subscription model that allows customers to deliver quarterly, monthly and even according to actual IT usage.

As early as the beginning of 2021, facing the digital and intelligent era, Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, put forward three major technological trends and strategic opportunities: information consumption, infrastructure and application upgrading. As a provider of "end-edge-cloud-network-intelligence" new IT technology elements, Lenovo Group is not only committed to providing more efficient productivity equipment for individuals through innovative technology, but also providing customized intelligent solutions for various industries and departments to serve the intelligent transformation of all people.


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