$Apple(AAPL)$ In the past two days, many people are anxious because of interest rate hikes. Why am I so calm that I am not afraid of the financial crisis in 2008?

However, I told them that it is very similar to 2008!

But say something that subverts your cognition. Listen up! The water on the market has never been the increase in interest rates, but we use enough social means of production to absorb away!

Do you know how the 2008 financial crisis was lifted? You look at NASDAQ's index from the lowest point in 2008 back to the position in mid-2007 only in a short period of one and a half years! And the subprime mortgage crisis only took 3 years to lift, tracing back to the source you will be surprised to find that Jobs saved the 2008 financial crisis! And we are just at this node right now. After watching the video, you will miss the next low Apple!

First of all, if you want to make money, you must know where the water flows to make money in the right place. Otherwise, just like the students who bought the house at the high point of the year, if they bought the investment, they will regret it!

In fact, our economic operation mode is not difficult to understand, that is, it is composed of small transactions. The greater the transaction volume, the more prosperous the society will be, and those who do not trade will be very poor! Right? And if you want to increase transactions, you want to stimulate the person who wants to spend money to buy things, so the expenditure of each family is the driving force for our game to work!

The only way for everyone to stimulate your expenditure is credit, because goods are in the hands of ordinary people, and parents can only control money. If there is more money and more transactions, production can be driven. Finally, for a collective, only enough goods can be produced to support so many transactions,

And for individuals, it is income! You have to work! Producing enough goods makes enough money to offset your monthly expenses and credit payments!

And how did the financial crisis come into being? I tell you, the risk of financial crisis will definitely happen every five or six years!

Because this is an economic cycle in which credit stimulates the economy

Credit increases income, which is the first domino to start. Then income increases, credit increases again, and expenditure naturally increases. So as to drive everyone to produce more goods. In the first half of the cycle, the economy is improving, but credit is getting bigger and bigger like a snowball. Finally, for the country, many people who don't pay the bank's money will trigger a credit crisis, and then a series of chain reactions will occur. For you personally, it is insolvent.

At this time, the usual way we deal with it is to cut spending, restructure debt, issue currency and so on, all of which will still make your life difficult! You can feel that this is a downward economic cycle! However, if the whole society is regarded as a single person, what should you do if you want to solve the financial difficulties quickly? The way is to find a more profitable job!

That's the same for society. If there happens to be a new product at this time, the industrial chain is large enough to cover a lot of employed people, and the profit rate far exceeds the average level, indicating that he absorbs water faster than other social means of production! Does it offset this downward economic cycle?

So! Why do I say Apple is the key to digesting the crisis in 2008? You can go to see when Apple's 2G mobile phone came out, just in 2007! From 2008 to 2010, his annual growth exceeded 50%, which was extremely accepted by the market, with sales volume and a large number of employment opportunities created by Apple's industrial chain. The profit margin was high enough to sell more expensive than other mobile phones!

Today is strikingly similar to history. If you look at the time node and market indicators, it is really going to enter the downward cycle of the economy. However, we have once again appeared a super product. If you look at this year's new products in Apple, the revenue has been nearly 500 million yuan, but today Tesla Motors's model has created nearly 31.5 billion yuan! 63 times!

Just ask you whether the automobile industry chain is rich or mobile phones. Can cars create more jobs or mobile phones? The answer speaks for itself!

However, many people say that there are so many new energy vehicles, which one do you choose? I can tell you a direction. The reason why Apple can have a subversive effect is that he changed the software, changed the keyboard into a touch screen, and improved the access efficiency of information, instead of changing the flip cover into a slide cover and a series of hardware renovations,

So for cars, If you want to have a subversive effect like Apple, it must really improve the efficiency and solve the fundamental problems. Here, I only remind you that there are two points that may be easy for some car companies to go in the wrong direction. First, the bigger the screen in the car, the better, because you will find that your arms will be tired after hanging in the air for a long time!

Second, if the screen in the car is a touch screen just like a mobile phone, it is not a good choice, because the fingertip of the finger is still a cross section, not a point, and it is not as efficient as using the mouse in many cases!

Finally, why do I keep saying that we should pay attention to high-tech enterprises? You will also find the law of development of a country, Eventually, it will definitely move towards the high-tech field. If you understand it earlier, you will find that we must find new industries with higher profit margins than the original industries. In order to better survive the economic cycle, The underlying logic is to make the growth rate of total social production data greater than the growth rate of money, And these high-tech enterprises should be fully commercialized enterprises. If you want to develop, you need a lot of money, so they need to raise funds round by round in the secondary market. This is certain. Their performance, whether it is cars or the Internet, you have evidence to follow. Therefore, as long as this enterprise is a good enterprise, the cost of each round of financing will be higher than that of the previous round, because the last round is outIf the investor wants to make money, he will not agree that the new funds coming in later will cost less than the ones he takes. Don't have too many dry goods, like and pay attention, and the comment area will send you a welfare to increase your knowledge

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