Fundamentals of Options-0.3 Put Options

In the last issue of sharing, a group of friends raised a question, how to use options to bargain-hunting? So today's sharing is to discuss how to use options to bargain-hunting.

It is said that when Duan Yongping invested in NetEase, on the one hand, he was optimistic about NetEase, on the other hand, NetEase really fell badly, and he was exercised as a result of selling put, which created a later legend. He has been doing it recently$New Oriental Education & Technology(EDU)$The sale put transaction, properly put the royalties into the pocket. For your favorite target, sell put can be either a way to bargain-hunt or a good means to wait for bonus hunter in the process of stock callback.

Recently, I was in$Snap Inc(SNAP)$On the whole, I am quite satisfied with the trading strategies of sell put and sell covered call.

Today, we not only talk about dry goods, but also share a target TTD 20220218 strike 75 put we are looking at. Maybe we can try it.

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