WED DEC 1 4: 00pm ET US Hong Kong Stock Diary: "Risk aversion is still high"

WED DEC 1 4: 00pm ET

Diary of US and Hong Kong stocks: "Risk aversion is still high"

Dow Jones-1.34%

S& P500-1. 18%

Nasdaq-1. 83%

Bitcoin-0. 37%

Brent Oil-1. 21%

US stocks got off to a good start in December today, mainly because the news that the first case of Omicron variant infection was found in the United States today made the major stock indexes turn from rising to falling (in fact, this is only a matter of time). The infected person, a traveler who returned to San Francisco, California from South Africa on November 22, has been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine, has mild symptoms and is improving, and has been in isolation since testing positive. Federal health officials said Tuesday that 226 cases of the new variant have been identified in 20 countries.

The World Health Organization warned on Wednesday that the variant strain of Omicron may trigger a new surge in infections, but it also said that the current vaccine can effectively prevent severe cases.

The original price fell further, while David Turk, deputy secretary of energy of the United States, reported that if the global energy price dropped sharply, the United States might change its plan to release strategic crude oil reserves.

In addition, Fed Beige Book called the strong price increase in October-November, and the price increase all over the United States was a "common" phenomenon. In terms of inflation, the report said that prices rose at a moderate to strong rate, and prices generally rose in various economic sectors. Input costs have increased widely due to strong demand for raw materials, logistics challenges and tight labour markets. Despite strong demand, growth has been limited by supply chain disruptions and labor shortages.

On the whole, the market risk aversion is still high, especially the growth stocks bear the brunt. US stocks opened higher and lower today, and famous growth stocks generally fell by more than 5%, among which ETFs mainly invest in future themes$ARK Innovation ETF(ARKK)$It fell by 6.71%, of which$Tesla Motors(TSLA)$Down 4.35%,$Unity Software Inc.(U)$It fell by 12.01%, Coinbase by 6.51%, Roku by 8.73% and Square by 6.64%.

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