How does the market operate after the epidemic plummeted?

SSE Comp (SH000001) $today's index is more oversold rebound! It is uncertain whether it will stabilize! It is certain that the Chinese market is better than the external environment and the epidemic situation is better controlled! We can grasp the willfulness of index rebound. Grab the rebound in the low position!

Last week, I experienced Black Friday, and I believe many people haven't recovered yet! DJIA fell nearly 1,000 points, and crude oil fell over 10%! Today, there are low-level and low-level counter-pumping!$WTI原油主连 2201(CLmain)$

And the epidemic stocks opened higher and went lower today! It's perfectly normal! Observe the trend of leading stocks first!

We also closed some short positions on Friday night! Wait and see!

# 疫情再升级,“黑五”买啥好?

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