Omicron virus strikes, we choose to buy

1. Overall situation

In recent days, the biggest focus of the market is the discovery of Omicron, a new variant strain of COVID-19 in South Africa. After the sharp drop in the external market last Friday, the international investment banks have come out to appease a wave of markets over the weekend. In addition, the domestic people are quite confident in the prevention and control of the epidemic, so we have judged that A shares will open lower and go higher today over the weekend. Today, the market really resisted the pressure, and the trend was tenacious. The closing situation of major indexes was as follows, and the receipts were relatively strong.

The whole market rises less and falls more, and the profit-making effect is average. Among them, there are 95 daily limit and 3 daily limit, with a large number of daily limit. There is no expected panic in the market, and the mood of doing more is positive.The turnover of the two cities continued to exceed one trillion yuan.

2. Analysis of ups and downs

Today, the price of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 constituent stocks has reached a new high in the past year, with a new low of 13 and a new low of-12; The price of CSI 500 constituent stocks has reached a new high of 18 in the past year, a new low of 8, and a new low difference of 10; The GEM has reached 2 new highs, 1 new low and 1 new low difference in one year.The trend of the index is basically consistent with the new high and new low.

Index and new high and new low line

Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 constituent stocks rose by 71 and fell by 225; CSI 500 constituent stocks rose by 161 and fell by 326; GEM rose by 54 and fell by 45.The index is basically consistent with the rising and falling line.

Index and ebb and flow line

3. Liquidity analysis

Shibor 1M has not changed from the previous day, and the 5-day moving average of Shibor 1M keeps downward.According to our timing quantitative model, liquidity tends to relax, so we can keep observing and expand our positions appropriately.

Shibor 1M and CSI 300 Trends in 2021

5-day moving average of Shibor 1M in 2021

4. Funds going north

Today, the net inflow to the north is 3.2 billion +, and the attitude has remained basically unchanged, but it is still very positive.

Northbound funds

5. Industry heat analysis

Although individual stocks rose less and fell more, the gap between rise and fall was not so big from the industry. Today, the biggest decline is catering tourism, which is normal, and it is the most affected by the epidemic. The biggest increase is in national defense and military industry, followed by electrical equipment and automobiles in the new energy industry chain, which are industries less affected by the epidemic. Today, Jianjun failed to try to bargain-hunting Longji again, and the price given was too low, so the market did not panic to that point.

The increase of food and beverage is also good, and Maotai has been tested on the edge of 2000. I don't know if you have noticed that liquor has risen a lot recently, but the trend of beer is not very good. If you want to lay out consumption now, is beer a better choice?

In terms of industry heat, electrical equipment is still the highest, and non-ferrous metals rank third as the upstream of its industrial chain. The industry heat with high prosperity is so lasting, and the rare earths that have been hot recently are actually in this industrial chain. The TMT plate, which focuses on the meta-universe, has a little ebb tide these days.

Last week, BYD's boss fooled that the intelligent era of new energy vehicles was about to begin, and even made a hot search. The memory of the Internet is really short, and the whirlpool of public opinion brought by Tesla and Weilai's autonomous driving accidents has just passed half a year. I believe that intelligence is the future, but no one knows how far it is. Now we should pay attention to electrification in a down-to-earth manner.

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Industry rise and fall

Heat of industry sector

6. Today's conclusion

MacroscopicallyAt the weekend, the overseas epidemic resurfaced, which made it difficult for the US imperialists to ride a tiger. I have already prepared taper, but now this situation is really in a dilemma. If you tighten it, you will die immediately, and if you don't tighten it, you will only live for a short time. On the contrary, China's monetary policy is independent, and it is more comfortable now. In any case, the stock market is driven by liquidity, so there is not much risk if there is money.

MesoscopicThe Shanghai Composite Index fluctuated in the 3600 annex, while the Growth Enterprise Market continued to maintain a bullish trend. After a period of main rise, it was close to the previous high, and it was 60 points short of the Shanghai Composite Index, and Xueba came back.

MicroscopicallyLithium battery and wind and light storage in the track plate all performed well, surging in early trading and falling back in the afternoon. This kind of market really can't chase high. If you chase high today, you will be smothered if you open low tomorrow. The track has stories and policies, and can carry funds. The general idea is to buy big and sell big.

In terms of large consumption, liquor basically did not move, and CXO rose sharply stimulated by the epidemic situation. If it goes up, don't chase it. Those who have positions in their hands can do T.

Military industry continues to rise sharply, which is also a promising sector for institutions. If you feel that individual stocks are difficult to grasp, you can buy some ETFs on dips.

In terms of subject matter, the meta-universe ebbs, rare earths hold the differences, and digital currency also shows its performance. These two subjects basically relay the meta-universe, and rare earths have both subject matter and track concept, and perform well. Short-term funds are playing games on these subjects, and daring friends of skilled people can rush in to fight.

Today, the market trend is strong. I thought it would fall sharply today due to the epidemic situation. However, a low opening basically gives the virus face, and the bargain-hunting funds are coming one after another. Today, the overall idea is to sell, and the market is to predict your prediction. When you think that you will open a bowl of noodles low, it will force you to come in. When you relax your vigilance, you may be buried, so you should be vigilant this week to see if there will be emotional compensation, and it will be too late to buy again.

On the whole, it is still a volatile market, not chasing high, but daring to sell when it rises and buy when it falls.

7. Operation today

In the process of falling, I bought Chongqing Beer, which has been waiting for a long time, and used it as a balanced allocation like Beixin Building Materials bought before. It is easy to stay still, and the rest of the money is used to do some short-term and medium-term operations on new energy and GEM 50ETF to gain profits.


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