Zhuang stocks still need to be careful

I felt very strange before 1. What is there to rise in this take-away stock doordash$DoorDash, Inc.(DASH)$

2 Now, in just a few days, all the losses accumulated in a few months have fallen clean

That is to say, the company is just like that. However, if there is a Zhuang stock, it can rise.

At least it can rise for a period of time in the short term. It is the latter thing to fall or not.

This is the current market. "I judged it right", is it useful? It's no use. Because I never thought there was anything to go up in take-out stocks.

However, other people's positions of hundreds of billions of dollars and billions are in this, and the stock price will rise all the way. What can you do?

The current market is like this. There are retail stocks that will rise, and there are Zhuang stocks that will rise. Whoever wants to understand things is useless; Whoever plays well with retail investors and cooperates with Zhuang to act well can make a profit.

Subsequent actions:

In the current market, we can only do it all, and we can't have the ideological baggage of doing more crap, and don't chase after it.

Play with retail investors, play with Zhuang. No way, in the market, it is useless to do Zhuang, play with Zhuang, this is the way out to live.

Still have to repeat the core point: 1. Play with retail investors. 2. Sing a good show with Zhuang. As for right, it is useless. After all, without billions of positions, there is no right to speak in the market.

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