Tesla Begins Accepting Dogecoin On Online Store, Displays Pricing Of Several Merchandise Directly In Meme Currency


Tesla Inc has begun to accept and denominate merchandise on its online shop in Dogecoin.

What Happened:Items listed in the “lifestyle” section of its shop, such as Giga Texas Belt Buckle, Cyberquad for Kids, and the Cyberwhistle were priced in DOGE.

The belt buckle was listed for 835 DOGE, Cyberquad for Kids for 12020 DOGE, and Cyberwhistle for 300 DOGE. At press time, DOGE traded 5.9% higher at $0.18.

Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus noted Tesla’s move in a Tweet late night Thursday.

Why It Matters:Upon clicking payment and filling in a form a QR code is displayed which allows for DOGE payments on the website.

The user is given 30 minutes to complete payment before the DOGE amount expires. A countdown is displayed on the payment page.

Lately, rumors regarding DOGE acceptance have boosted the price of the meme cryptocurrency.

Earlier last month Tesla CEO Elon Musk had said the company “will make some merch buyable with Doge & see how it goes.”

Notably, at press time, vehicles continued to be priced in dollars along with other items on the Tesla website.

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