Tiger Community Rules

Tiger Community Rules
The version was updated on July 15, 2021
Tiger Community has been strictly abiding by the Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China and related laws and regulations, as well as regulatory rules and policies formulated by the governmental authorities, advocating the core socialist values, promoting right value orientations, and actively spreading positive attitudes. Tiger Community opposes negative or vulgar contents, and call on users to express opinions and insights in accordance with the laws, regulations and public order and good morals, so as to jointly create a clean and righteous network environment.
Users of Tiger Community shall strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, as well as Tiger Community Service Agreement , Privacy Policy and other relevant rules. In Tiger Community, any act which violates the laws, regulations, regulatory rules and policies, or disturbs the order or destroys the atmosphere of the community shall be strictly prohibited. Once such act is found, relevant contents and accounts will be dealt with severely, and in the serious cases, the accounts may be closed and legal liability may be pursued.
I. Community Content Rules
A. Prohibited Contents
1. Tiger Community restricts users from committing any of the following acts in the main posts and comments. Once any of the following acts is found out, the posts and the comments will be deleted immediately and the users will be warned, restricted from speech or the account will be closed depending on the seriousness of the circumstances.
1.1 Publishing the information that violates the existing laws and regulations, or endangers the national and social security, including:
(1) opposing the basic principles determined by the Constitution;
(2) endangering the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State;
(3) divulging national secrets, endangering national security or damaging the honor and interests of the State;
(4) inciting hatred or discrimination among ethnic groups, undermining the solidarity among ethnic groups, or infringing upon ethnic customs and habits;
(5) advocating heresy or superstition;
(6) disseminating rumors, disturbing the social order, or destroying society stability;
(7) advocating gambling or violence, or instigating crimes;
(8) inciting illegal assembly, association, parade, demonstration, or assembling a crowd to disturb social order; and
(9) containing other contents prohibited by laws, administrative regulations, or local rules.
1.2 Publishing obscene, pornographic, violent, or bloody information, such as:
(1) describing sexual behavior specifically or publicizing erotic information explicitly;
(2) pictures and videos that expose private body parts; pictures, audios, videos, and words with erotic meaning, suggestive, provocative, and causing others to feel similar; and
(3) pictures, videos, or words with bloody and violent contents that cause others' upset.
1.3 Behaviors and activities in Tiger Community that infringe upon others' legitimate rights and interests or disturb the community order include but not limited to:
(1) disclosing others' personal information and privacy without consent, such as real name, ID number, telephone number, home address, except for those that have been published or authorized and those for substantial public interests;
(2) disclosing information that others do not want to be known and not harmful to society, such as sexual orientation, physical and psychological defects, property status, email and communication information;
(3) personal attacks such as insult, slander, threat, portrait tampering, malicious report, social discrimination;
(4) impersonating others, that is, implying oneself is the same as or related to others or organizations by means of user avatar, nickname, domain name and all kinds of self-descriptions, and if cannot provide effective certificates, it will be regarded as imitation behavior;
(5) counterfeiting staff of Tiger, such as implying oneself is the same as or related to Tiger by means of user avatar, username and other personal information, and if cannot provide effective certificates, it will be regarded as imitation behavior;
(6) harassing others, that is, commenting in Tiger community by sending repeated and similar messages to others; and
(7) other behaviors that disrupt the normal and safe operation of Tiger Community.
1.4 Publishing junk information that affects users' experience and is not in line with the community atmosphere, such as:
(1) a string of meaningless words, symbols, letters of the alphabet, pictures, and expressions;
(2) advertisements, WeChat group invitations, QQ group invitations , Weibo group invitations and other similar social media invitations by means of text, picture, QR code, external link;
(3) marketing contents such as group formation, activity advertisement and similar materials in the name of Tiger;
(4) sending meaningless content and duplicate content by machine crawling;
(5) third-party activities, promotion, or product sale without the permission of Tiger; and
(6) other marketing information ruled by Tiger Community.
1.5 Publishing information including improper business operations, such as:
(1) providing stock recommendation, trading advice, profit sharing plans, or other investment advisory services for which licenses and registrations are required by law;
(2) publishing information on illegal investment advisory activities such as managing money or trading on behalf of clients;
(3) inducing investors who have no investment intention or risk tolerance to participate in trading financial products;
(4) publishing articles or comments containing gambling or lottery information, or organizing or participating in gambling or lottery activities in Tiger Community;
(5) publishing articles or comments containing fund-raising information, or similar information such as welfare fund-raising, crowdfunding, begging, or fund-raising with religious overtones;
(6) engaging in insider trading, market manipulation, money laundering or other activities that disrupt the normal trading order;
(7) inviting users in Tiger Community to attend paid lectures, salons, training, and other activities; and
(8) engaging in other activities in violation of laws and administrative regulations.
1.6 Inducing users in Tiger Community to misbehave, including but not limited to:
(1) inducing users to add friends on WeChat or join group chats to buy financial products, lottery, etc., and pay for behaviors that are not protected by law;
(2) forcing, inducing or hiring other users to follow accounts, like articles or comments, click links or share information;
(3) proactively inviting users in Tiger Community to conduct stock recommendation activities after obtaining contact information of such users;
(4) publishing stock recommendation information in Tiger Community through bulk registration, buying or selling trumpets, or hiring "water soldiers",ect.;
(5) frequently publishing stock recommendation information in Tiger Community, and transmitting stock trading information to other users for many times or in large quantities;
(6) making trading decisions on behalf of users and promising benefits; and
(7) inviting users to open stock, futures, foreign exchange accounts and other accounts of other platforms by means of posting posts, comments, personal profiles, nicknames, etc., in Tiger Community.
1.7 Publishing content that involves false information, including but not limited to:
(1) publishing false investment varieties, or making falsified, exaggerated, fabricated or other similar statements about historical performance;
(2) publishing initial share buying, fraudulent promotion, marketing information and advertisements for the purpose of defrauding money and property;
(3) promulgating the promotion, marketing information or advertisements for the purpose of selling the counterfeit, fake or inferior commodities;
(4) publishing junk information, including but not limited to marketing information and meaningless information in posts, comments, account information and other channels maliciously; and
(5) publishing fraud information which refers to defrauding others of their property by means of fabricating facts or concealing the truth.
1.8 The posts and behaviors of users in Tiger Community involve untrue information, including but not limited to:
(1) inaccurate information which is literally not true;
(2) fabricating details so that the whole event is distorted;
(3) inconsistent contents which mislead others through the wrong combination of graphics and text;
(4) exaggerating the facts in the description to mislead others;
(5) outdated information re-published as a new event while omitting the results that have been produced;
(6) incomplete information those part is hidden to mislead others; and
(7) publishing part of the facts plus speculation as fact.
1.9 Other unkind, unfair, or dishonest behaviors, including but not limited to:
(1) humiliating, abusing, attacking or otherwise disrespecting users' nicknames, opinions, articles and live broadcasts;
(2) harassing, intimidating, threatening, slandering or other content that has a serious negative impact on users;
(3) maliciously inciting users to attack, isolate or otherwise treat other users unkindly;
(4) discriminating, insulting or assaulting others because of their identities or classifications, such as nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, region or physiological characteristic;
(5) divulging others' privacy or other contents infringing others' legitimate rights and interests;
(6) harassing others, such as sending repeated or similar content to others by posting, commenting, @ others;
(7) reprinting others' works without authorization or in a non-standard manner;
(8) picking quarrels and causing troubles in the Community and intentionally causing a quarrel;
(9) maliciously antagonizing, including but not limited to using variation and homonyms to avoid security screening, and repeatedly posting even though fully aware that violates laws, regulations and community rules; maliciously smearing Tiger and other behaviors of endangering the integrity of Tiger Platform; (10) participating in activities in an improper way, such as cheating, disrupting the system, attacking the network, bulk registration, registering accounts by machine, simulating clients by machine, scalping and other behaviors that violate the activity rules; and
(10) committing other behaviors that violate the principles of fairness, good faith and friendliness.
2. If the above contents are displayed on users' avatars, nicknames, profiles, original posts, and comments, Tiger Community has the right to restrict the display, modify the avatars/nicknames, delete contents, ban on posts/comments, close the account, and other feasible punitive measures depending on the seriousness of the case.
B. Encouraged Contents
1. Tiger Community encourages and welcomes everyone to actively publish the following contents:
(1) sharing users' investment experience, ideas and strategies;
(2) disclosing and analyzing users' own investment operations; and
(3) discussing investment ideas with other users based on the macro-economic policies, or the company's business model, products, services, management, culture and valuation level.
2. Tiger Community will give priority to recommending the above contents and publishers.
C. Marketing Contents
Entities with marketing and promotional needs shall, after obtaining the official accounts certified by Tiger Community, release relevant marketing information just via such official accounts, and shall not release such information via personal accounts. For account authentication services, please contact the WeChat account:【itiger2014】.
D. Intellectual Property
1. Original Contents
(1) The copyright of the original contents (including but not limited to articles, pictures, videos, and comments) released by users in Tiger Community shall be solely owned by the publisher.
(2) When redistributing any original contents for commercial purposes, any third party shall contact the publisher for the corresponding authorization; when for non-commercial purposes, any third party shall specify the publisher's name or Tiger Community ID, attach the original link and state that it is from Tiger Community, and may not alter the content.
(3) The intellectual property rights of the original authors shall be respected, and the users shall be responsible for the infringement of rights in their contents, and Tiger Community shall not bear any responsibility.
(4) When users publish contents in Tiger Community, a non-exclusive, irrevocable, and free right to use the content is granted to Tiger Community. Tiger Community has the right to use such contents for community-related products and services, including advertising and promotion, application software, etc.
2. Reproduced Contents
(1) When users publish non-original contents in Tiger Community, they must ensure that they have been legally authorized by the right holder in advance and does not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of any third party.
(2) For the above non-original contents, Tiger Community has the right to review complaints from third parties, and once verified, Tiger Community has the right to delete the content, restrict speech and handle other issues according to the actual situation and assist the third party in pursuing the legal liability of users.
II. Contents Review and Processing Measures
A. Contents Review
Tiger Community has the right to conduct formal review on any content released by users. If it finds that any content released by any user violates laws, regulations or Tiger Community Rules, or infringes upon any third party's rights, Tiger Community has the right to process such matters accordingly.
B. Processing Measures
Tiger Community will detect violations of laws and regulations by both active detection and user reporting. Users may use the "Report" function in Tiger Community to report suspected violations of laws and regulations and Tiger Community will handle the report in a timely manner, including but not limited to:
1. restricting display, that is, the post will just be viewed on the homepage of the publisher rather than on any public webpage or information stream of his followers.;
2. deleting illegal and inappropriate posts or comments ;
3. banning the account to make it not be used except for browsing information rather than posting, modifying, deleting posts, editing user's information,or posting private messages or comments;
4. closing the account means that the user will not be able to log in Tiger Community;
5. modifying/deleting user's avatar, nickname and introduction uploaded by the user which violates laws and regulations ;
6. restricting or cancelling promotion resources in Tiger Community, including but not limited to recommendation banner, new user recommendation, live recommendation, push, popular topics, essence, etc.;
7. cancelling the qualification for participating in activities and receipt of awards and after being cancelled, the awards received will not be granted, and those have been granted will be deemed as unjust enrichment/illegal gains to be recovered;
8. publishing the information of users in violation of laws and regulations in Tiger Community in accordance with local regulations;
9. aggravated punishment for recidivism, that is, a user who violates the Tiger Community Rules will receive the punishment, such as restricted from display, prohibited from posting, and even closed their account while a user violates the rules repeatedly will receive aggravated punishment; and
10. other measures to be taken.
III. How to complain
A. Ways to complain
Users who have complaints and hope the platform processing, please send an email to: service@laohu8.com.
B. Complaint processing
Complaints should be provided with the corresponding evidence, materials. After verification by Tiger Community, if it is evidenced that their words, behaviors do not violate laws and regulations and related rules, any measure will not be taken or cancelled.
IV. Risk warning
"Investment involves risks and everyone should be careful to invest. "
Users shall fully understand the relevant risks of transactions, and from the perspective of a rational person, make an objective judgment on their own economic capability, sources of funds and risk tolerance, and carefully determine the investment objectives, investment amount and financial products. Users shall not only rely on any content in Tiger Community as a decision-making factor and investment basis to avoid risks.
V. Disclaimers
A. The replies posted on an official account related to products and technology, as well as the description of activities organized by Tiger Community are official statements of Tiger Community. Otherwise, any statements made by Tiger Community employees, including but not limited to investment and financial management, are their personal speeches, do not constitute any investment advice, and do not represent the official statement of Tiger Community and its affiliates.
B. The contents published in Tiger Community are provided by Tiger Community users. Tiger Community does not make any substantive review or modification of any content provided, and does not guarantee the authenticity, adequacy, reliability, completeness, accuracy, and validity. Users should make their own judgment and Tiger Community does not assume any responsibility.
C. Tiger Community does not assume any responsibility for any loss caused by the leakage of account password, personal information, or identity counterfeiting due to the user's personal reasons.
D. All information in Tiger Community is only for reference, so that users could learn, share, exchange, and interaction. None could constitute any investment advice and recommendation. Tiger Community shall not be liable for any profit and loss of investment.
E. Beijing Zhi Jian Feng Yi Information Technology Co., LTD owns and operates Tiger Community.